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Distilled water
Water by reverse osmosis



Distilled water

Distilled water is just like rain water, created by nature through the natural process of evaporation by the sun (H2O pure water) that water is totaly clear, tasteless and has no smell. It is free of all polution whatsoever and contains none of those inorganic minerals witch are harmful to the human body.

Really, contrary to the vegetals that feed on inorganic minerals and transform them into organic minerals, the human body cannot assimilate those minerals in the water, be it in spring, mineral or city provided waters, those inorganic mineral when absorbed, are then deposited in our veins, arteries, intestines and kidneys witch causes real problems to our system like gullbladder and kidney stones and scalind deposits in our arteries.

Because of it's great power of dissolution (breaking down) distilled water rids our bodies of inorganic minerals therefore preventing scaline deposits that cause the hardening of the arteries and kidney stones. What the distilled water really does, is a good clean up job. Bu at the same time it does dot disturb, nor eliminate the organic minerals, essential to our good health. That is why it is so important to be aware of the difference between inorganic (lethal to the body) and organic (necessary to the body) minerals.

Distilled water is excellent to the digestion because it helps the body to assimilate food more easily and it also regulates the appetite. It cleans up our whole system and hydrates the skin from within. It is the best water one could ever drink and the only liquid our bodies really need. You should use it in everything food processing you do, be it to cook, steam, boil or brew. It will enhance the taste of all foods or drinks you prepare and make them more digestable.

Have a tall drink of distilled water at least six times a day an you will feel a lot better for it. Chin! chin!






Water by reverse osmosis

Because water is an essential element to the good health manhood, because the quality of water is lessen by polution and chemical treatment, because tap water is full of undesirables witch are harmful to physical fitness and good health, it is fondamental to drink water of the highless and purest quality.

The reverse osmosis is a system where water is forced trought and ultra fine membrane, semi-permeable, this membrane is permeable only to the finest molecules: H2O, contrary to ordinairy filters, this purification system does not stock contaminants. This system is called "REVERSE" because it makes purewater out of contaminated water by being forced trought this ultra fine membrane, this procedure gives very good results by eliminating from 95% to 99% of all dissolved solids and 99% of all micro-organisms.

The water produced by reverse osmosis, is ideal. Are eliminated totaly or almost totaly: Nitrates, Pesticides, Bacterias, Viruses, Microbes, Asbestos, Herbicides, Scaling, Mercury, Lead and other heavy dissolved metals. The reverse osmosis membrane gives you the finest filtration, no other filters attains that level.

The most performing filters give you a filtration down to the mycron, only the membrane, in the reverse osmosis system, can bring it down beyond 0,0001 mycron.

This system was invented by the "NASA" to recycle the water consumed and eliminated by the astronauts. Take notice that an international certification is in effect (NSF), wich assures you of the highest quality of water.

The water, produced by reverse osmosis is light and contains a feeble amount of minerals. If perfectly fulfills it's role to the body for the exchanges and the release of toxins. It has been used for many years, in hemodialy sis because of its purity. It is used wherever pure water is needed : Laboratory, food processing etc... It is so pleasant to the taste and it higntens the taste of soups, tea, coffee, vegetables. Generaly speaking it gives a better taste to everything that needs to be brewed or cooked in water. Here is to your health !

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